Friday, 12 September 2014

About a girl who lived in a tree

"Why realise the life of the hidden
Within disguise they choose what they're given.
Come what may - they hear you say,
You don't love me"

"Here in the breeze, I embrace you in vision. 
So full of grace, you renounce indecision. 
All of me I would give to thee, 
But you don't love me"

"Black forest, silver tree, 
There you smile, and deliver with ease 
The words that break me down so low. 
I'm waiting there, I watch you go"

"Illumination - I fail to see 
Imagination - your love for me. 
Come, chase relief from eternal grief. 
So you see it comes as no surprise to me 
That you don't love, you don't love me. 
You don't love, you don't love me"

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

You smoked me out so violently

"I live in a house with a broken key, and a door I could never close. 
You smoked me out so violently, a terror I had never known. 
Baby please, take this taste away, for you taste better than he. 
I hope I don't just fade away, like before when he couldn't see me. 
You use your heart in an unusual way, to carry my terror home. 
But still I wake to face the day, and my body won't carry my bones."

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bitter room

"In a room
With your father watching me
There's three doors and no keys
It''s rising, it's choking me..."

"In a room
There's a man with no face
Just a blurred out portrait
In a photo frame
I'm losing again, I'm losing..."

"Then we kiss and his lips turn into sand
And the whole of him cascades through my hands
Making a castle on the floor
Then I'm alone again
No keys and three doors
In a room..."

"Now we're both in the room
And we're breathing the fumes
No doors this time, just a gap in the roof
Light floods in, heaven we're blind
Then slowly suffocating, we're dying
In a smoke filled room..."

Started to blossom in my box